A Student CBS Class for Early Teens

Ages 11-14, Typically 6-8th Graders or However Your Community Breaks out Middle Schools

To sum up this age group...
  • CHANGE - physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually
  • PACKS - friends and popularity are very important to them; desperately want to fit in
  • BOUNCING BALLS - they are all over the place; can’t control their emotions, are not always thinking clearly
  • SPONGES - they are soaking everything up; crucial time to reach them for Christ

What ages come to eTeen CBS? eTeen is for early teens (typically 6th, 7th and 8th graders) - or however your city breaks out junior high/middle school students.

How is eTeen CBS different from Teen CBS? At eTeen there is more energy, more participation, and more noise – BUT IT IS SO FUN!

How many weeks does eTeen meet? Classes meet during the school year for 20 weeks plus a kick-off night. Usually, classes do not have scheduled class nights in December, April, May and Summer months.

What lessons does eTeen use? eTeen has its own curriculum, written specifically for CBS Middle School students, which includes many application questions. The lessons also have memory verses and a dictionary.

How long do the lessons take to complete? eTeen CBS homework questions generally require 30 – 45 minutes to complete before class night.

How do you get this age to attend? Every year there is a new, built-in, group that is excited about attending a junior high event! This age group likes to arrive in groups - so you will always have visitors and many that do not go to church. Many will come early. Many will come after other practices or activities.

Is there parent involvement? Many parents are nervous about their child entering junior high and want to help, so there are always parents wanting to help. We encourage them to get a carpool of their child’s friends together! We also have had many parents join Leadership as greeters, kitchen helpers, and Core Leaders!

What happens on a typical night?

Dinner: served each week from 6:30 – 7:00. It is always a simple meal including freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. This age group usually arrives early and the majority of them eat dinner.

Large Group Time:
This age group loves to participate. Leaders find creative ways to include them. Many early teens need to be shown how to praise and worship through music. They might need 1 or 2 faster, more upbeat songs at first to get them all involved and then 1 or 2 slower songs. They like hand motions. Large Group time also includes announcements, prayer, prizes, the Bible Cheer, Memory Verse, and often a game, skit, or activity that involves the students. Most Middle School students have a short attention span, so the talk needs to be only about 7-10 minutes. The teens must be challenged to listen in creative ways.

Core Groups: Core group time is structured the same as most classes, 45 minutes. There are 8–12 members of the same sex from various schools and churches. Some classes have 6th grade only groups but have different schools and churches represented. Facilitating core groups of middle school students, especially boys, can be challenging but at the same time these students are open, vulnerable and searching for truth.