A Student CBS Class for Teenagers

High School, 14-18 year olds, Grades 9-12

To sum up this age group...
  • Adjusting - physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually
  • Camaraderie - Friends are very important to them; they desperately want to fit in.
  • Maturity – acute awareness of adulthood, at times feeling overwhelmed by the future, still reveling in remnants of childhood
  • Decision makers – able to draw from life’s experience thus far coupled with guidance to gradually become independent thinkers and doers
What ages come to Teen CBS? High School students attend, and some home school students may be younger than 14, but mature enough to comfortably fit into a teen class.

How is Teen CBS unique? High School students are growing up and do not want to be around the middle school aged teens, thus we generally do not mix eTeen and Teen classes.

How many weeks does Teen meet? Classes meet during the school year for 26 weeks plus a kick-off night and sharing night. Usually, classes do not have scheduled class nights in December and May.

What lessons does Teen use? Student Boxed Format lessons are used, either by being spiral bound as a book for the year, or printing the lessons individually each week and using a 3 ring binder.

How long do the lessons generally take to complete? Teen CBS homework questions generally require 45 minutes to an hour to complete before class night.

How do you get this age to attend? Having an eTeen CBS class near by naturally provides the progression for teens as they grow out of middle school. connecting with freshman and their parents immediately gives the class  stability for years to come. Eventually students start driving and parental involvement lessens. With driving also comes conflicts in schedules: work, extracurricular activities galore and some times even “ditching” TeenCBS.

Is there parent involvement? There are always parents who want to help, including parents whose students do not attend. Sometimes older teens don’t want their parents around on their “turf,” though many do. Because of students coming on their own, there can be a drop off in registration donations as parents are less involved. Sending out a “parent letter” with pertinent details is essential.

What happens on a typical night? Dinner is served each week from 6:30 – 7:00 and includes a simple meal and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies or other homemade desserts. This busy age group arrives at various times depending on their outside activities. No class is alike, and most students are quite committed to the class and study, but don’t be surprised if some driving teens show up to eat and then leave. Hormones can also act up in this age group, so watch for “couples” sneaking away either in dark corners or driving away throughout the evening.

Large Group Time: Student-led worship is a hit! Teens love being led in worship by their peers!!! Worship is followed by any of the following: announcements, games, skits, student testimonies and the "talk"... all teen friendly! High school students have had a rigorous academic day of listening to teachers lecture, so it is essential that the Talk is no more than 10 minutes. Teens must be challenged to listen in creative and visual ways, and can be either quiet and respectful or rowdy and disruptive, depending on the class.

Core Group: Core Groups meet for 45 minutes. This age can be more conscience of their answers and uncomfortable with sharing from the heart. Trust must be won and the Core Leader sets a tone of safety in sharing. Cores are gender specific with ages and backgrounds mixed as much as possible, though some groups stick to grade.

Closing: Class ends at 8:30 pm which is when high schoolers start to come alive! Driving teens must be politely chased off the campus to other “hang outs” so the church property is secure.

It is an amazing privilege to serve in a Teen class. Seeing young students grow into strong young adults through the study of HIS WORD is a delight and a blessing!